Meet the Faculty

University of Dallas faculty members from across the disciplines have collaborated to create the Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture Program. 

Each professor contributes according to his or her area of interest or expertise, 

and each course is taught by a symphony of professors.

Dr. Jonathan Sanford

University of Dallas Provost; Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Kathryn Rombs

Adjunct Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Gregory

Associate Professor of English

Fr. Thomas
Esposito, O.Cist.

Assistant Professor of Theology

Dr. Andrew

Associate Professor of English

Dr. Bernadette
Waterman Ward

Associate Professor of English

Dr. Daniel Burns

Associate Professor of Politics

Dr. Aida Ramos

Associate Professor of Economics

Dr. Susan Hanssen

Associate Professor and Department Chair of History

Dr. Matthew

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Ivan Eidt

Associate Professor of German and Department Chair, Modern Languages & Literatures

Dr. Amy 
Fisher Smith

Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. William Frank

Professor of Philosophy

Dr. David

Associate Professor and Department Chair of Politics

Dr. David Andrews

Associate Dean of the Constantin College; and Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Richard

Professor of  Physics

Dr. Estelle

Adjunct Professor of Art

Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel

Founding Program Director Emeritus 

Lyle Novinski

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Art

Dr. Ron Rombs

Associate Professor of Theology

Dr. Irene

Assistant Professor of Theology

Dr. Richard

Associate Professor of Politics

Dr. Christopher

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Christopher

Distinguished Affiliate Professor of Politics

Dr. Jonathan Culp

Associate Professor of Politics

Stefan Novinski

Associate Professor of Drama

Fr. Ignatius
Peacher, O.Cist.

Guest Lecturer of


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